Ekskluzivne promocije v septembru

Avg 2018 Okt 2018
$1,000 Ekskluziven Breakout Rake Race
Mesto Ime Points Nagrada
1 MLMpoharam1 1251.49 400.00
2 zcx3111 1163.17 250.00
3 markinho1908 943.75 100.00
4 kxtro 687.11 80.00
5 awd123 381.93 60.00
Nazadnje osveženo: 12:57 CET, 24th Sep 2018
$100,000 GG Network AoF Festival
$100,000 GG Network AoF Festival daje igralcem edinstveno priložnost, da se potegujejo za svoj delež $100,000 tako, da preprosto igrajo All-in or Fold igre na GG mreži.
$1,500 VIP Rookie Lestvica
Mesto Ime Points Nagrada
1 dmt23f 1810.32 500.00
2 Jeblyv 1458.64 300.00
3 Serj 1277.33 200.00
4 Vinnitsky 574.86 150.00
5 DoUbLe_M99 419.26 100.00
Nazadnje osveženo: 15:32 CET, 24th Sep 2018
5 days left
$30,000 VIP Lestvica
Mesto Ime Points Nagrada
1 valleydoll 28044.13 3500.00
2 Mario 11043.96 2250.00
3 krokozor 8998.91 1500.00
4 Wadya 8133.84 1000.00
5 apache 7346.31 850.00
Nazadnje osveženo: 15:34 CET, 24th Sep 2018
$30,000 Ekskluziven Coral Race

Vsi igralci, ki si ustvarijo račun prek nas na Coral-u samodejno sodelujejo v Ekskluzivnem $30.000 Coral Rake race-u, ki poteka vsak mesec. Najboljša novica je, da se nagradni sklad povečuje s številom udeleženih igralcev. Pridružite se nam še danes in si pridobite dodatne nagrade. Kliknite na zavihek »Lestvica« znotraj pasice Coral in si oglejte podrobnosti.

$10.000 septembrski Battle
Mesto Ime Points Nagrada
1 Noxz83 34038.97 1750.00
2 thebeaniegod 30315.22 1200.00
3 dannytoft 24665.04 900.00
4 RoudPracist 23843.97 700.00
5 TheNotoriousOne 23077.27 600.00
Nazadnje osveženo: 16:12 CET, 24th Sep 2018
$10k MTT & SNG VIP Lestvica
Mesto Ime Points Nagrada
1 Noxz83 34180.65 2000.00
2 thebeaniegod 30530.98 1250.00
3 dannytoft 27142.16 1000.00
4 valleydoll 26255.56 800.00
5 TheNotoriousOne 25489.96 700.00
Nazadnje osveženo: 15:36 CET, 24th Sep 2018
3 months 7 days 1 hour left
$4,000 Intertops Tedenski Race

Vsak teden si lahko zagotovite svoj delež v $4,000 tedenskih Intertops rake-race-ih. Nagrade so razdeljene med prvih 100 igralcev. Tedenski $4,000 rake race-i potekajo od 1. do 7., 8. do 14., 15. do 21., in 22. do 28 v mesecu. Intertops rake race-i potekajo vsak mesec. Kliknite na zavihek »Lestvica« znotraj pasice Intertops in si oglejte podrobnosti.

How do Rake Races work?

Rake Races are online poker competitions, where you simply have to produce as much rake as possible and more than your competitors on a certain online poker site in a set timeframe.
They usually pay a set number of places, mostly between 100 and 200 and the top 10 all take home a big chunk of money!

Exclusive VIP-Grinders Rake Races

At VIP-Grinders.com we have the biggest and best rake races in the online poker world! They are a part of our rakeback deals.
Those include our VIP Leaderboard – our biggest private promotion, as well as the biggest exclusive Coral Poker and Partypoker and Bwin Rake Races on the World Wide Web.
They all promise staggering prize pools!
Our Exclusive Party & Bwin Race is an amazing race offering a $20,000 with $2,500 going to the first place finisher.
The $30,000 Exlusive Coral Race is a challenge for our Coral Poker affiliated players. Simply rake as much as you can and secure your share of the $30,000 prize pool.
Our private rake races are exclusive to our members, that means you are only competing against other VIP-Grinders members, which gives them massive value.
The prize pools will be increased as more players join the competition, so make sure to refer your friends and earn 3% lifetime commission.
In addition to that, we offer regular monthly promotions for online poker players to earn huge rakeback on top.
Please view all our exclusive poker rake races above and choose the right one for your taste!

Other online poker rake races

Many online poker rooms offer rake races for their members. Usually they divide their prize pools into categories by stakes so every player has a chance to win.
One of the biggest rake races currently available is the Exclusive Twister Race running on Coral Poker.
An amazing rake race also runs on Chico Network. Simply play any real money games, finish in the top 20 for your preferred stakes and you will win your share of $10,000 in cash!

How do I claim my prize in a rake race?

Rake Race prizes are usually credited directly to your poker account. But in some cases, your prize will be sent to your preferred e-wallet after the race is finished.
View all available rakeback deals here